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How to Apply for Medicaid When You Are Pregnant

We want to thank our patient Jane for submitting this instructional letter about How to Apply for Medicaid When You Are Pregnant.


I visited Dr. Yuri Prikoupenko’s office when realized that I was pregnant. At the end of the visit, Dr. Yuri suggested for me to apply for Medicaid, as he noticed that I don’t have medical insurance. He provided me with a letter confirming my pregnancy.

At home, I went online to learn more about Medicaid. There were several websites explaining more about the program from pregnant women, who do not have a health insurance and/or have low income.

This is a home page for Maryland Medical Programs

There are many other links to go to if you search for “Maryland Medicaid” on Google. I chose the webpage above simply because it’s the offical MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene webpage.

There, I learned that the program that would fit my need is called Maryland Children’s Health Program. Below is the link to a page which describes MCHP in detail, including eligibility requirements. This page also has a downloadable PDF of MCHP Application.

I printed out and completed this application at home. There are several sited where a person can apply for the program in Montgomery County.

-Piccard Drive Health Center, 1335 Picard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850; 240-777-3120

-Germantown Health Center, 12900 Middle brook Rd, Germantown, MD 20874; 240-777-3591

-Silver Spring Health Center, 8630 Fenton Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910; 240-777-3066

-Pimary Care Coalition, 8757 Georgia Avenue, 10th Floor Silver Spring, MD 20910

I chose the Germantown office (2nd floor).  Came there in the afternoon with application, Driver’s Linceses, leter from Dr. Yuri, U.S. passport, and other documents I thought might be helpful, such as last year’s tax return.

The lady at the front desk gave me a ticket, and directed me to a waiting area by a certain booth. There weren’t many people, and the wait was not more than 20 minutes. When my turn came, I handed the application to the very friendly lady at the booth, and after looking at the application she said that I should expect an approval letter within 10 days from today. She didn’t ask for any additional information from me. But it’s still good to have that information with you, just in case.

I received the approval letter within a week of this visit. The letter included my Medical Assistance number, my case worker’s name and her phone. The next day I received a letter from a registered nurse, who apparently was assigned to my case. As I understand, she was supposed to call me in the next few days, but I am not very patient, so I gave her a call myself. We set up an appointment to meet at the Piccard Drive Health Center, in order to discuss and choose a doctor and hospital for me.

The meeting with the registered nurse took about 1.5 hours: I filled out information packets, a couple of assessments (about my physical history and mental health), and we talked about my expectations and hopes regarding the care I would like to receive for me and the baby. The lady was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in this process, and we able to find a group of OBGYN doctors whose practice is located close to my house, and all of whom deliver at the hospital prefer.

There were several Managed Care Organizations to choose from (approximately  5) – they were all similar. I selected the one which was accepted by the doctors I chose. Medical Assistance will cover all of my necessary visits to OBGYN, ultrasounds, tests, and hospital stay. It will also provide insurance to the baby for the first year after and certain medical services for me (gynecological exam, birth control, consultation, etc) for up to 6 months after birth, unless I re-apply for Medical Assistane.

I called that Managed Care Organization from the nurse’s office – she helped me to complete their enrollment process via phone and to select a Primary Care Physician. Then, we called the doctor’s office to schedule my OBGYN appointment for bloodwork and ultrasound. I told them that I had a pap-smear, pelvic exam, and urin test done at Dr. Yuri’s office recently, and they asked me to bring a copy of the results to the appointment.

My appointment is in a week, and I’m supposed to receive both – the Medical Assistance card and the Managed Care Organization card – in the mail before that time, as I have to take both of them to the appointment.

P.S. I also received free dental care and am supposed to call and sign up for food voucher (which are going to include milk, eggs, brown rice, and other food items that are considered necessary and healthy during pregnancy).

The process was less complicated than I thought. Everyone I came in contact with was helpful and knowledgeable.

I hope this information is helpful to those who choose to apply for this program.

Good luck =)

And thank you, Dr. Yuri!



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