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Laser Body Sculpting Specialist

Yuri Prikoupenko, MD, FACOG -  - Gynecologist

Yuri Prikoupenko, MD, FACOG

Yuri Prikoupenko, MD, FACOG

Gynecologist located in Rockville, MD

Dr. Yuri Prikoupenko at Surgical and Office Gynecology offers non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting procedure with advanced technology. Dr. Yuri can now use the i-Lipo® treatment for laser liposuction, cellulite removal, and tummy tuck patients to achieve great body slimming results without the need for extensive aesthetic surgery, anesthesia, or any downtime. Faced with extra, stubborn fat deposits after pregnancy? Call Surgical and Office Gynecology for a consultation with Dr. Yuri to see if i-Lipo treatment is right for you.

Laser Body Sculpting Q & A



What is i-Lipo?

I-Lipo is a laser-based treatment that's an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction and other body slimming procedures. It effectively removes stubborn pockets of fat on any area of the body, including cellulite. The i-Lipo is also an alternative to tummy tuck surgery in some cases.

Evaluation of your fat removal needs to determine whether you are a good candidate for i-Lipo is the first step.

Patients who are unhappy with fat deposits or cellulite, especially after pregnancy, due to hormonal changes or genetics may find the solution with i-Lipo. These fat deposits, which are often resistant to dieting and exercise, can now be removed using the body’s natural fat burning process.

How does i-Lipo work?

I-Lipo involves two distinct steps:


Dr. Yuri applies i-Lipo low-level lasers to the treatment area via laser pads. The laser heat targets specific fat cells, which are then broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol.

Free fatty acids and glycerol are burned by the body, often during exercise. By transforming the fat cells into easy to burn fat, the i-Lipo mimics the body’s natural process of fat removal.


I-Lipo is a unique procedure that requires post-treatment exercise. In fact, it’s coupled with exercise to burn the fat cells that the laser treated.

After the application stage, the second and most crucial step is for the patient to exercise, thereby burning off the newly formed free fatty acids and glycerol.

What can I expect during and after i-Lipo?

The advantages associated with i-Lipo are countless. You can use this treatment as an alternative to liposuction, tummy tuck, and cellulite removal procedures. In fact, Dr. Yuri has already helped numerous patients achieve incredible results with i-Lipo.

I-Lipo is entirely non-invasive and doesn't require any incisions in the skin, needles, anesthesia, or downtime. To the contrary, patients are encouraged to exercise and return to their daily activities right after treatment to burn the fat. This type of recovery is unheard of with other types of body contouring procedures.

Before your i-Lipo treatment, Dr. Yuri talks to you about your body contouring needs and drafts a customized treatment plan, often including the exercise routine to follow post-treatment.

During the procedure, you feel no pain or discomfort. You'll only experience a mild warm sensation where the heating pads are applied, which work to break down the fat cells into free fatty cells and glycerol.

Most patients undergo six to eight i-Lipo treatments over a period of four weeks. Dr. Yuri may suggest one to two weekly treatments, depending on the patient’s specific body slimming needs.


Same Excellent Service, New Expanded Office.

Dr. Yuri Prikoupenko’s office is relocating to 6171 Executive Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20852 within the Executive Condominium business park in January 2019.